For over 20 years, we have been composing the best quality perfumes, curating scents from the broadest palette, inspired by the best in the world. We take great pride in our method, knowledge and passion in the art of layering notes as we help you design your personal perfume collection we have on offer.

Applying this approach extends to our partnership with the iconic JUSTINE product range. We meticulously select only the best JUSTINE skincare and perfume products from their wide range in terms of the functionality and value that it offers.

We invite our valued patrons to experience our curated JUSTINE product offering. Our approach enables our patrons to enjoy the monthly benefits of the most appropriate and cost-effective products for their beauty and skin care needs.

Why trust THE PERFUME GALLERY with your JUSTINE product collection needs?

  • The Perfume Gallery is SA’s leading independent JUSTINE Salon & Agent network based on sales and distribution footprint, by a factor of at least 6 times
  • The Perfume Gallery was founded in 2000 and became an approved JUSTINE Salon Distributor from 2007, quickly becoming SA’s largest Justine Salon Stockist
  • Our approach differs dramatically from normal part time Justine representatives
    • We pre-order all the best JUSTINE monthly brochures and have it available within the same month in all our stores as the monthly campaign
    • Because we have the physical products available in our stores, our clients can view and buy current promotions directly without any delay
    • Our clients don’t have to go through the long ordering process normally associated with part time representatives
    • Our clients have peace of mind that TPG can assist with any product defects and returns without excuses
    • Items that we do not have in stock, can be ordered for our clients without fear of order not being honoured
    • Professional service and advice from our trained full-time staff on the JUSTINE products that suit our clients best
      • Skin type (e.g., oily vs dry skin / skin problems)
      • Skin stage care regime (e.g., younger skin vs mature skin / damaged skin)
    • Safe, professional environment with products stored in temperature-controlled premises to avoid damage

    We invite join us in exploring The Art of Perfume. It is an approach that transcends to everything else we are passionate about.



7 04486 Tabasheer 50ml EDP   R 319.00  R 120.00
12 28055- 28055 Buy two of the A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Eye Cream 15ml  R 259.00  R 139.00
13 09208 Buy Both For R579:  50ml A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Day Cream with SPF15 and 50ml A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Night Cream & Buy the Dark Spot Corrector for R179.    R 758.00  R 125.00
14 89902 Tissue Oil 200ml Bonus Size  R 199.00  R 110.00
15 09230 Buy the 200ml Tissue Oil Softening Body Butter and get the 60ml Tissue Oil Original for Free.  R 215.00  R 139.00
15 09229 Buy the 200ml Tissue Oil Softening Body Butter and get the 60ml Tissue Oil SPF25 for Free.  R 215.00  R 149.00
16 00826 Tissue Oil Facial Treatment With Rosehip 4g  R 185.00  R    40.00
17 07571 Tissue Oil Skin Repair For Face SPF20 Oily Skin 30ml  R    69.00  R    16.00
17 01080 Tissue Oil Skin Repair For Face SPF20 30ml  R    69.00  R    16.00
17 7435- 7435 Buy 2: 150g Tissue Oil Facial Cleansing Bar.  Protect against environmental stressors. Improve skin's overall appearance.  R 139.00  R    71.00
24 09231 Buy Both: 125ml A-Firm Cleansing Toning Gel and 30ml A-Firm Intensive Face & Neck Collagen Serum.    R 419.00  R 125.00
24 08686 A-Firm Intensive Deep Wrinkle Eliminating Serum 30ml  R 319.00  R    50.00
26 00760 A-Firm Platinum Anti-Ageing Day Cream 50ml  R 329.00  R 100.00
26 00761 A-Firm Platinum Anti-Ageing Night Cream 50ml  R 329.00  R 100.00
27 00762 A-Firm Platinum Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml  R 335.00  R 100.00
28 07677 A-Firm Time Reversal Anti-Ageing Day Cream 50ml  R 339.00  R    30.00
28 07818 A-Firm Time Reversal Anti-Ageing Night Cream 50ml  R 339.00  R    30.00
30 09248 Buy Both:  100ml FortiGrain Facial Scrub and 30ml FortiGrain Revitalising Solution.    R 329.00  R 199.00
31 9253 Buy All 3:  50ml FortiGrain Day Cream SPF30, 50ml FortiGrain Night Cream & get the 120ml FortiGrain Cleansing Oil for Free.  R 519.00  R 388.00
33 OIL CONTROL COMBO1 Buy any 3 Oil Control Products: 200ml Oil Control Deep Cleansing Face Wash, 150ml Oil Control Anti-Blemish Facial Scrub, 200ml Oil Control Clarifying Toner, 50ml Oil Control Matte Effect Cream, 50ml Oil Control Mattifying Gel Cream.  R 279.00  R 116.00
34 7793- 41865 Buy Both: 150ml Balancing Foaming Cleanser and 200ml Balancing Toner.  Cleanse and Tones skin.  R 149.00  R    61.00
34 7678- 41718 Buy Both:  150 Hydrating Cream Cleanser and 200ml Hydrating Toining Gel. Now with Phytol, Cleanse Tone and Moisturise skin.  R 149.00  R    61.00
34 8706- 53339 Buy Both:  150ml Hydrating Cream Cleanser and 50ml Hydrating Moisturising Day Cream SPF20.  With new Phytol know for its anti -ageing benefits and Avocado oil to Hydrate and soften dry skin.  Helps smooth the look of fine wrinkles.  R 149.00  R    49.00
35 41832- 41843 Buy Any 2: 50ml Balancing Day Cream SPF15 or 50ml Balancing Night Cream.  Now with Phytol. Nourishes cheeks & controls T-zone oiliness  R 299.00  R    91.00
35 41570- 41644 Buy Both:  50ml Hydrating Day Cream or 50ml Hydrating Night Cream.  Moisturising Day Cream.  With phytol and avocado oil.  R 299.00  R    91.00
35 41984- 41868 Buy Both: 50ml Perfecting Moisturising Day Cream with SPF25 and 50ml Perfecting Moisturising Night Cream .  Minimise uneven skin. Phytol, helps increase cell renewal & improve skin tone.   R 299.00  R    91.00
36 09257 Buy the 280ml SolarTec Ultra Defence for Body SPF50 and the 75ml SolarTec Mattifying Defence for Face SPF50 and get the 75ml SolarTec Age Defence for Face SPF30 for FREE.  R 419.00  R    85.00
39 1321385 Tissue Oil Gold Botanical Facial Sculpting Cream 50ml  R 309.00  R    40.00
39 89905 Tissue Oil Gold SPF25 50ml  R 369.00  R    80.00
41 09321 Buy Both:  30g Tissue Oil Multipurpose Moisture Balm and 150g Tissue Oil Cleansing Bar.  R 155.00  R    39.00
47 35748- 1322454 Buy the 50ml Tabasheer Rouge EDP and get the 100ml Tabasheer Rouge Body Spray for Free.  Floriental Scent  R 319.00  R 199.00
48 13947 Imperia 50ml EDP   R 319.00  R 120.00
48 95750 Prive 50ml EDP   R 319.00  R 120.00
49 51968 Midnight 50ml EDP  R 279.00  R 160.00
50 1376462 Counture EDT 50ml  R 259.00  R 136.00
51 09340 Buy Both: 100ml Cantare Ladies Parfum Body Spray and 50ml Cantare Roll-On Deodorant.   Floriental Scent.  R    79.00  R    40.00
51 04490 Cantare EDP 50ml  R 289.00  R 106.00
54 09348 Buy Both:  50ml Icon Man Intense Roll On and 225ml Icon Man Intense Body Spray.  Fougere Woody Spicy Scent.  R    99.00  R    46.00
55 74456 Icon Man Intense EDT 90ml  R 269.00  R    80.00
57 09349 Buy all 3:  225ml Deodorant Spray, 50ml Roll On and 50ml Red Extreme Cologne Spray. Adventurous side will be enticed by a scent laden with warm spices, a splash of lemon and bursting with leafy green adventure.  R 299.00  R 141.00
59 04430 Carpe Diem Cologne 100ml  R 329.00  R 110.00
61 09383 Buy All 3:  100ml Magnate EDT, 225ml Magnate Body Spray and 50ml Magnate Roll On.  Woody Spicy Sent.   R 399.00  R 205.00
82 7124- 7124 Body Balance Gentle Feminine Intimate Wash Bonus Size 250ml X2  R 159.00  R 131.00
88 05471 Tabasheer  Body Spray  100ml  R    58.00  R    21.00
88 86208 Prive Body Spray 50ml  R    58.00  R    21.00
88 1321110 Imperia Parfum Body Spray 100ml  R    58.00  R    21.00
88 43660 Bella Body Spray 100ml  R    58.00  R    21.00
89 48556 Tabasheer Anti-Perspirant Roll-On 50ml   R    27.00  R    13.00
89 82378 Tabasheer Rouge Anti-Perspirant Roll-On 50ml  R    27.00  R    13.00
89 43662 Bella Anti-Perspirant Roll On 50ml  R    27.00  R    13.00
90 05720 Carpe Diem Deodorant Body Spray 225ml  R    80.00  R    25.00
90 07668 Magnate Deodorant Spray 225ml  R    80.00  R    25.00
91 49157 Carpe Diem Anti-Perspirant Roll On 50ml  R    27.00  R    13.00
91 50838 Magnate Anti-Perspirant Roll On  R    27.00  R    13.00
91 49159 Red Extreme Anti-Perspirant Roll On 50ml  R    27.00  R    13.00
96 09545 Buy Both: 100ml Bella Parfum Body Spray and 50ml Bella EDP.  Oriental Fruity Scent  R 199.00  R 135.00