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Our Promise To You


Quality Guaranteed

Our A-Grade oil based perfume is of guaranteed quality - or your money back! TPG uses some of the highest essence concentrations in the industry. Our formulations are of  remarkable standards and exceed those of even the best commercial perfumes available.


Widest Range

Over 300 affordable Men’s & Women’s fine fragrances available with regular new releases. All perfumes are available in 10ml, 30ml, 50ml & 100ml sizes. Visit your nearest store for the range of perfume bottles to choose from.


Longer Lasting

We strive to have fragrances that last at least 12 hours.The international standard for an EDT is 6 hours.



Noteworthy loyalty card members get up to  R20 refill discount when you bring your empty TPG perfume bottle for a refill (R5 on 10ml, R10 on 30ml, R20 on 50ml and 100ml)